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terms & conditions
Please read our terms and conditions carefully.

Here’s how our process works

Sales intake

We will work with you via email/phone to gather your requirements for the job.  Please email us at info@blackdogprinting.org with questions or concerns.

We will collect:

    - Artwork information

    - Garment information

    - Quantity

    - Due dates

    - Shipping/pickup info

    - Payment information

We charge [$60 per hour] for custom art. We can design for you, or you can provide your own

Customer provided artwork must be:
    - In a vector format (more info)
    - Print-ready

If you’re not sure that your art meets our requirements, contact us at artdepartment@blackdogprinting.org.

Art approval

You must approve print-ready art whether you provide it or we make it.

We will send an approval through Printavo. Please respond [within 48 hours], or we may delay
production of your order.

Art revisions and changes
We offer one (1) round of complimentary revisions to art. Any art changes beyond the first may incur
our art fee of $60 per hour.

Based on your specifications, we will provide a Quote at no charge.

Quote approval
You will approve the Quote through Printavo. Please confirm that:
    - Quantities, garments, and artwork are correct
    - Pricing is correct
    - Delivery details are correct (date and location)
Please respond [within 48 hours], or we may delay production of your order.

Your quote will be good for seven days unless other arrangements have been made.

On-site press proofs and approvals
We offer on-site press checks for a $250 fee (at the time of our choosing). There is a rejection
fee of $250. We do not offer samples.
To ensure that our work meets your specifications, please read your Quote and Art Approval

Best Print Method
We will always choose what we think is the best print method for your job unless you specify otherwise.

Out of Stocks / Substitute Replacements
It is unfortunate, but sometimes our vendors will run out of particular styles or colors. If this happens we can offer a variety of possible substitute products from our catalog, or you can choose to wait until the items are back in stock. If you choose to wait for the inventory to be replenished then we cannot guarantee the turnaround time or that the items will be back in stock when the vendor says they will. If we do not hear from you in the alloted amount of time we will choose a substitute garment of equal or higher value in the closest color match we can find to keep your due date.

Shipping or pick-up
We offer shipping or on-site pick up. Shipping fees are charged at market rate. On-site pickup is
free. Shipping is not included in estimates unless specified. Shipping time is not included in turnaround time. Once the shipment is handed over to the carrier, we cannot guarantee timeliness or exact delivery dates. Domestic UPS Ground shipping times from our facility are from Zip Code 47374.

Will you save my screens?

We do not save your screens.  At the end of each week we reclaim all of our used screens to begin printing the next jobs for the following week.  We go through  a lot of screens per week and therefore need to reclaim and reuse our screens very frequently. Because of this, we do not hold screens on file for potential future use. 

Spoilage and misprints
Mistakes happen! We will replace up to [5%/$250] of an order proven not to match the art approval or quote, and/or offer a significant credit toward your next order.

In the event that we make a terrible error in printing your shirts, then we will reprint the order for you at no additional cost. We do not offer refunds. This rarely happens and really only applies to serious mistakes like printing the wrong art, printing the wrong location, or ordering the wrong color garments. If you require precise measurements of artwork, pantone ink matching, or press checks, this must be communicated prior to approval and it is your responsibility to make sure these requests are notated in the “notes” section of the quote sent for approval, and a surcharge may apply.

In this (and any printing industry), misprints happen. A screen could come out of registration, we may find a defect in the garment, the garment may come from a bad dye lot, etc. There are a million things that could go wrong but we manage to keep misprints and defects well below 1% of all garments printed over the course of a year. This isn’t to say that your order will be guaranteed to have less than 1% misprints, this just happens to be our average. If we misprint a few of your garments then we will NOT charge you for these, and we’ll likely even throw them in with the order at no charge if they are passable. Since misprints can happen, we’d encourage you to order extra garments if you need exact quantities due to preorders or team member requests. For example, if you are ordering a single Extra Small garment for your kid, there is a chance that this garment becomes a misprint. Due to the nature of the screen printing process, we would be unable to setup the screens again just to print this single shirt. 

We try to minimize it, but misprints do happen and we cannot predict when. Work with us and plan ahead.

Manufacturer Defects
Black Dog Printing is not responsible for mistakes or defects on behalf of the manufacturer or distributor: mislabeled sizes, inconsistent coloring, dye lots, manufacturer garment defects, holes, etc. All garments will be counted in bulk (dozens, or however they are packaged by the manufacturer). We cannot inspect each garment or count them in individually. Manufacturer and distributor defects or mis-shipments will delay production until all garments are received. It is highly recommended to order more garments than needed for each size. All additional garments will be included in the print run and we will bill for what is printed.

Refunds and returns
[We do not offer refunds or returns.] We may work with you on a case-by-case basis if we have
made an error.

Acceptance clause
Use of our services constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Privacy policy
Our company shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures for protecting personal
information in accordance with local law.

Limitation of liability
We may not be held liable for misuse or harm arising from the use of our products or services.
This includes:
    - Copyrighted material
               - We will not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material. We are not liable for any
                  copyright claims, lawsuits, or issues arising from the illegal use of copyrighted
    - Missed deadlines for events
    - Shipping errors
    - Misprints
    - Spoilage
    - Breach of contract
    - Late orders

Property rights
Unless otherwise noted, we claim ownership for all artwork created for any project. We offer a one-time transfer of ownership for a fee (when and if applicable).
Exception: we waive the right to customer-supplied artwork that we do not make any changes to.

Payment terms
Payment is due at time of service, agreed upon in your Quote as the “Payment Date.”  We do not accept down payments or partial payments.
You may pay with cash, check, and all major credit card providers. We will typically ask you to pay directly through your Invoice, online, through Printavo.
Non-payment: if payment is not received on the agreed upon “Payment Date,” we will not produce your order.

Refunds and returns
[We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.] We reserve the right to work with you on a case-by-case basis if we have made an error.

Termination clause
You are free to stop using our services at any time. We may terminate service, with notice, if you violate our terms, abuse our services, cause us legal liability, or otherwise harm or hamper our continued operations.

Revisions and changes
We may revise our Terms and conditions from time to time to better meet legal requirements or address changes in our services. You will be notified via email of any changes to these terms.

Simplified terms
This is a simplified version of our terms. It does not supercede the actual Terms and Conditions.

Our process is like this: we’ll help you pick the garments and the decoration style. You’ll tell us how many you need. We can make your art for $60 an hour. You can provide us art, but it has to be print-ready.


Then, we’ll send you two approvals:
    - Art (“Art Approval”)
    - Payment (“Quote”)

You have 48 hours to reply to these approvals. Look at your Art Approval carefully. Your Art Approval will have everything you’ll need to know – we’re pros. You get one change for free!
Once your art is approved, you’ll pay us – then we’ll get rolling. We don’t like on-site proofing. It’s a $250 fee.

Then, we’ll either ship your products (at a cost), or you can pick them up for free.

The legal jargon says:
Using our services means you agree to these terms. We’ll protect your info. We’re not liable for mistakes you made, copyright claims, shipping problems, and some other uncommon issues. We own the art we create for you, unless you purchase it for a small fee. Payment is due at time of service. No refunds or exchanges, but still contact us if something is wrong. You can break up 
with us and we can break up with you, no strings. We might change these terms if something is wrong with them.

Terms and prices are subject to change without notice.

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