We provide digital proofs with every order and require that you approve them before we send your job to print. This is to ensure that our finished product matches your expectations exactly.

The digital proof is our production team’s blueprint for printing the job. It specifies the following:

  • What ink colors we will be printing on the shirt

  • What size the artwork will be printed at

  • Where the artwork will be placed on the shirt, typically relative to the bottom of the collar or from the hem of the sleeve

Our digital proofs are generally accurate however the templates we use do not account for every possible garment style we procure from various manufacturers.


A press check is when the customer comes to our location at a scheduled time and approves a physical sample before production begins. Press checks are typically scheduled at 12pm so that we can setup the job in advance and have printed samples ready for review when you arrive.

  • What press check includes:

  • Verification that the printed proof matches the approved digital proof

  • Minor adjustments can typically be made same day:

  • Adjustments to print placement location

  • Adjustments to print colors

  • Adjustments to squeegee variables: hardness, pressure, number of print strokes

  • Changes requiring significant re-work:

  • Changes to artwork print size

  • Changes to artwork separation or number of colors in artwork


Screen printed samples are typically the most expensive way to get a proof. The reason being that it takes as much time to setup the press for your six samples as it does to print a thousand shirts. These days getting a Direct to Garment print is probably a better option.