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PROCESS OVERVIEW – see detailed information below. Note: fees may apply for unlabeled shipments, mixed shipments, or difficult to process shipments.

  1. Submit your garments for inspection

  2. Garments are approved for production

  3. Send a complete and accurate accounting of the garments to be printed to info@balckdogprinting.org

  4. Ship / deliver garments to Black Dog Printing, labeled with your name, invoice number or PO number 


All customer supplied garments must be reviewed and approved by a manager before we accept them for printing. For known garment manufacturers and brands, the garment manufacturer and style number or a link to the garment is sufficient.


If garments are of unknown origin or if we have questions about the garments, then they must be inspected in person before we accept the job for product. We reserve the right to reject any garments for production. We look at the following criteria when inspecting garments prior to production.

  • Are there multiple types of garment styles or materials? Inspect all.

  • What material is the garment made of out?

  • Is the garment camouflage or other dyes that like to migrate?

  • Does the garment stretch?

  • Is the garment ribbed?

  • Can the requested decoration type be applied to this garment?

  • Is customer requesting to print over the seams?

  • How many layers does the garment have? 1 or 2?

  • Will the print fit onto all of the requested garments?

  • Will the garment fit onto the necessary platen?

  • How expensive is the garment?


All jobs with supplied garments carry a 5% allowable defect rate. That means that up to 5% of your order may be damaged, destroyed, lost or for any reason whatsoever not returned to you.


Customer supplied garments must be shipped or delivered to us in the following manner. Failure to do so may result in fees or delays to your order:

  1. Send your customer service representative a complete and accurate accounting of the garments to be shipped to Black Dog Printing. This is as simple as sending us the invoice from your vendor.

  2. Garments must be shipped to us with your name and company name, the invoice number or your PO number clearly labeled on the carton(s). If you are using a PO number, you must supply the customer service person with your PO and ensure that it is listed on your work order.

  3. Garments for multiple invoices or POs must be separated into separately labeled cartons. Do not mix orders into the same cartons.

  4. Garments must be provided to us unbagged


Your Name / Company Name + PO 12345
Black Dog Printing
12 N 9th St 
Richmond, IN 47374


  1. Unmarked shipments create delays in the production process

  2. Orders received without proper tracking information creates additional overhead on receiving and office staff

  3. Bagged garments require additional time to process for our receiving staff


  1. Failure to send us accurate counts or mark your orders correctly will result in a charge of $25 per order

  2. We do not adjust the cost down for if there is a shortage on your order and you supply us with incorrect counts

  3. Bagged garments carry a charge of $.25 per garment for unbagging

Below you can download and sign our release form for customer supplied garments.  This is needed before we begin any job using your garments,  

Click on PDF icon

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